Our service include the sales of electrical spare parts such as alternator, starter, battery and others.


What is an alternator?

The main function of the alternator 2015 API Code Download is to convert power from the gasoline engine to electrical energy to keep the battery in tip-top condition.

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When to replace your alternator?

Start the car, make sure all the accessories are off and rev up the motor to a fast idle. Set the Voltmeter to the DC scale (not AC or Ohms).The voltage should, and probably will, read around 14 volts. If it reads less than 12 volts you may indeed have  a failed alternator.




What is a starter?

The starter solenoid is essentially a large electronic switch that can handle lots of current. When you turn the ignition key, it activates the solenoid to power the motor.

When to replace your starter?

Starter motor problems usually are indicated by the following symptom: Turn the key to the START position and you hear a loud click, or sometimes you hear nothing. The headlights are bright and don't dim when you turn the key to START, and everything else electrical seems to work fine.





What is a battery?

In a large car battery, there are two heavy lead posts that act as the terminals.

When to replace your battery?

A bad battery will be detected by a low voltage at the battery terminals (not the cables) while cranking. Corroded cable connections will be detected by low voltage at the cable ends. A bad starter motor will draw a high current and the battery cables will be warm.




 Air- conditioning System
What is an air conditioning system?

In an air conditioning system like you have in your car, the condenser is in front of the car radiator and the forward motion of your car causes air to flow across it cooling the gaseous and pressurized Freon sufficiently to change it back to a liquid state.

When to service your air conditioning system?

The main thing that happens to all automotive air conditioning systems is that it looses Freon very slowly . A standard auto air system contains around three pounds of liquid Freon.